Based on a superior quality service and sustainable tourism understanding, Sun Marine Travel & Yachting has the vision of being the most professional, customer-responsive and nature- sensitive travel agency and a market leader. On our way to reach our vision, we adopt an innovative, rational, scrupulous and accountable approach. Innovation and accountability constitute the main pillars of our sustainable tourism understanding. Innovation of touristic product, innovation of service ( to present the existing services in a better way and differentiate them), innovation of marketing ( to expand the customer portfolio by presenting the service and product never presented before) and organisational innovation ( innovation, improvement and differentiation of methods of doing business) are all types of innovation we adopt and implement to accomplish our vision. Accountability towards nature, on the other hand, constitutes the precondition of our tourism understanding-which is sustainable tourism. Further, being rational and scrupulous are main pillars of our customer satisfaction understanding. Hereby, as well as the innovative characteristic of our services, the number of our guests by years, expectations of our guests and our guests’