Our Mission

As SunMarine Travel & Yachting, we have the mission of giving superior quality service to all passionate alternative holiday lovers and provide them wonderful and unique holiday experiences based on sustainable tourism understanding. We believe superior quality service is the most important thing we sell, and we seek to provide our customers positive travel experiences and excellent quality of service at competitive prices. We believe that clients deserve comprehensive counsel and guidance as part of our core service understanding. Hereby, we advocate an in-country approach to travel service and support. We believe that local experts’ best understand cultural nuances and product needs, and that is why we service all our clients in their domestic market and in their local language. Furthermore, our principle of customer satisfaction is strongly linked to our respect and accountability towards the nature and all touristic resources. Nature and sustainable tourism constitute the main pillars of our holiday understanding. We strongly support the protection and sustainability of cultural, historical and natural resources and protection of the destinations in the future. We adopt the sustainable tourism understanding which is mainly based on minimising all harms given to natural environment and resources and local cultures but expanding the contribution to the regional economy at high levels. We adopt the sustainable tourism understanding not as a type of tourism but as a precondition of tourism and travelling. We believe that through this way, our customers will have the opportunity to experience more unique and alternative holidays.