Efes Blue

Day 1 : Izmir

Meet the group at the Izmir airport and transfer to Selcuk (1h.)

Overnight at hotel.

Day 2 : Ephesus 

After breakfast we visit, which is our base for visiting Ephesus - one of the best-preserved classical cities in the eastern Mediterranean and a great example of Roman architecture. An orientation tour familiarises us with Selçuk, a sprawling town lying at the base of the ancient fortress on Ayasoluk Hill. We then drive to Ephesus, possibly the greatest Greco-Roman site in the world and definitely a highlight of your trip! Always an important religious centre, Ephesus was founded by Ionian Greeks in the 11th Century BC and flourished under Roman rule. The Greeks replaced the cult of the Anatolian fertility goddess Cybele with Artemis and built a fabulous temple in her honour. With the coming of the Romans, it became the Temple of Diana and was one of the original seven wonders of the ancient world. We visit the vast amphitheatre, walk the marble street once trodden by Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and marvel at the gymnasium, baths and wonderfully restored Library of Celsus. Nearby is the last home of the Virgin Mary, who as legend has it came here accompanied by St John and lived out her days in this beautiful spot. After the visit transfer by bus to board of the boat, we will sail till Sarsali creek (1 hrs sail).

Diner and overnight on Board

Day 3 :  Ekincik

In the early morning we will sail to Ekincik harbour. (3hrs sail) Then we leave our boat behind and We walk (4 hrs walk ) on path, sometimes through the pine forest, sometimes through the olive trees , with in permanence a view impregnable on the sea. We arrive Caunus ruins and We visit the well preserved monuments as a whole, and revealing of the civilisations that itself there succeeded. The roman theatre with its architecture and its structures does not hide its Greek origins. In the vicinity of the harbor, stand up the ruins of a Corinthian temple, Higher, the roman Bath, and a small Byzantine church strongly mark their presence. And at last, on the partition of a mountain, many sculptured tombs in the boulder in forms temple look at the town of Dalyan. We board again to our boat and we sail through the river and the canals through the reeds, that takes us to the beach of Dalyan. This beach particularly is known for the tortoises caretta-caretta, that come there to lay their eggs. We sail to of Semizce bay.

Diner and Overnight on board. Walk 4 hours. BLD.

Day 4  Agalimani  

 Breakfast on board, then departure for the creek of Agalimani. Through hills and valleys and with a beautiful view on the sea, we pass close to small dwellings of shepherd. We may be invited here , taste Turkish tea and see the hospitality of Turks. Then we visit the antique city of Ikarus where some sections of walls are again standing proudly, and face with the time that past...we go on the walking on the coastal paths, through the forest. Arriving to the Binlik bay where our boat wait us. Opportunity to swimming.

Diner and overnight on board. BLD. 4 hrs walking

Day 5 : Yassicalar

In the morning, we get up to sail towards the creek of Sarsali. Here we leave our boat , and begin the walking, taking a path that drives us through the forest to the lake of Kocagol after a walk ( 2: 30 hrs) Picnic (pulled bags to backs) close to the lake. Here, this is an optional the people who desire to do the ascension of the mount Hodul that since its 371 meters offers a panoramic view on the vicinity and on the lake such rewards it of an additional effort. Always through the forest and with seen on the sea, we go back over the bay of Sarsali by different path. We board to our boat and continue to sail towards the person known as islands Yassicalar, a heavenly corner where the sea and the earth seems to have made an appointment itself.

Diner and overnight on board. 5hrs walk. BLD

Day 6 :Fethiye - Kayakoy

In the early morning , we sail to rejoin the region of Fethiye. The breakfast will be taken during the trip. was the prominent town of Telmessos, but earthquakes have left only a few Lycian stone sarcophagi from the old town, along with the dramatic Tomb of Amyntas carved into the sheer rock cliff high above the town. Today it is truly paradise for those who want to sail through history. We walk to Kayakoy the largest Greek ghost town in Asia Minor. After the foundation of Turkish republic, the governments of Turkey and Greece chanced the population. Turkish government sent the Greek people to Selanic and took the Turkish population to Kayakoy from Selanic. We descent to Soguksu (cold spring). 3 hours walk.

Day 7 : Oludeniz - Selcuk

Depart to trek to Oludeniz lagoon, its beach takes its eerie name from the secluded lagoon at the beach's western end. We board again close to Gemili Island. Dinner and overnight on board. 3hrs walk BLD. Aftre the trek we join to our bus then transfer to Selcuk about 4/5 hours to travel. Overnight in Şirince

Day 8 :Izmir– fly home

Transfer to the Izmir airport then fly to home.